Design/Blinds Tips

Make a Difference Without Spending a Fortune

Now that you have a home that you love are you feeling like you would want to make a difference but not spend a fortune. Window coverings are one of the most cost effective upgrades to any home that can take it from dated to a newer feeling with out any inconveniences and costs that come with construction. Do you want products in your windows that give your space a whole new feeling? We have the answer at very cost effective pricing. New High-Lite Blinds provide a luxurious feel to any room with the ability to choose from unique textures, with or without glimmer, and incredible colors from Basic to wow. Their ease of cleaning is so practical that with no effort and a simple shake you are done. These are one item that are in the upper end of the spectrum of blinds that we can provide great discounts on due to the volume of sales we have in this category.

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Reasons why it's wiser to buy as much as you can on one purchase.

Very often after the expenses of getting moved into a new home or doing a renovation there's always the issue of how much money do I have left to spend on new blinds. At Direct Home Blinds we encourage the consumer to add on those extra two or three windows because we don't have to make any more profit that we would on a few less therefore getting those additional items almost wholesale.

Buyers Tip : When do I split a window into two blinds?

This is something I come up with every day with consulting clients its the decision whether to choose to split a window into multiple blinds for function. Very often a window will have a smaller separate pane that cranks open for access to a breeze. we lose access to just sole use of that section when we do one blind in the window. This means we now have to give up all the heat and sun protection of the big blind in order to let a breezeway through when we lift it for side air.

The better functioning alternative is to do the smaller opening section in a separate blind which allows us to lift it up , create a breezeway and still leave the rest of the window covered. In most cases this is a one third two thirds split. Many people prefer the aesthetics of one blind but prefer the function of two. It's a personal decision but my vote is for function on a daily basis. The splits usually are ordered so that the opening between the two falls vertically where the vinyl is so light doesn't come through. Manufactures will align product if there are features that need matching.