Below you will find all of the products Direct Home Blinds (Edmonton) has to offer. For almost two decades we have built relationships with manufacturers of blinds, art & decor, furniture and many other products. All of the suppliers below we fully recommend using for your blinds or for whatever your project type is. Select the product type you are looking for to view available suppliers.

Interior Products

Surround yourself with fresh patterns and hues. Instill your space with clean, modern lines. From sheer draperies to bold hardwood blinds, immerse yourself in a chic décor that puts your home in a whole new light.

Our suppliers offer a wide range of Decorative Drapery hardware. Their lines consist of many different styles of rods, finials, and brackets in a variety of finishes.

Our suppliers specialize in all types of drapery and upholstery fabrics. Their fabrics are hand-picked, from all around the world, from high-quality mills, so that you will always know that that you are getting the very best in quality when you buy from them.

Our suppliers specialize in several styles of traditional and contemporary bedding, as well as Italian fine bedding linens, luxury throw pillows, sassy phrase pillows, and holiday décor. Items include shams, designer pillows, bedding sets, duvet covers and comforters, upholstered furniture, drapery hardware and curtain panels, trims and fabrics, inserts, and more.

Our Art & Decor suppliers provide products such as: Wall decor, including mirrors, framed art, oil paintings, canvas transfers, reproductions, limited edition prints, and one-of-a-kind exclusive designs.

A complete range of area rugs to accent your furniture.

Our suppliers are proud to support many of the most prestigious home-furnishing Retailers in the world with our products and services, as well as many of the top hospitality projects globally.

Renovating Materials